All good things must come to an end.


To our dear farm friends and family ~

Thank you 🙏 for a wonderful 10-year run as your local supplier of all-grass beef, pastured pork & poultry, plus free-range eggs. 🐮🐷🐔 Our heart is overflowing ❤ as we replay conversations about healthy eating, remember farm visits and tours 🚜, enjoy weekly chats at the farmers market, and burst with pride by your amazing support 🙌 of multiple producers through our CSA, etc. The memories are too numerous to list, but we cherish 💜 each one of them. As nothing lasts forever, it's time for us to retire & move forward to a new phase of life. 🙏 Please continue to support local producers by visiting the farmers market, choosing their product in retail stores, or buying straight from their farm/operation. You all know we’re huge proponents of “know your farmer”! 💚

With bittersweet tears,

~~~~  Eric and Paula  ~~~~