Entering A New World

Ah, winter! The farmer's time of rest. There have been years when summer was SO busy that we counted down the days to the first average frost. Not literally, but you get the idea.

On our farm, winter is also a time to re-evaluate the inputs and outputs. Does it really take an hour to accomplish that particular chore? Are the feed expenses accurate? What are we allocating on this or that? It's a budget just like any other budget; however, there are umpteen line items and details of every single one of them need to be addressed. Whew! It can be a job. The highlight of this task (if we can name it such) is our bookkeeper. Amy knows her QuickBooks and hiring her was probably the wisest decision HR made in the life of this farm.

One big change to next year's budget is the farm's social life. Facebook and emails are free, so that leaves website and Internet expenses. Internet is locked in because there are only so many companies that service remote areas and only one that provides reliable service. That leaves the website. Can this line item be reduce? Oh, yes! It can.

Squarespace is our new web host and we're loving the changes. Our new profile is brighter, lighter and less cluttered while keeping all pertinent information. It's perfect and we hope you enjoy it, too!

Jak Wonderly is credited with many photos found on the website. He visited the farm in May 2015 when our lender American AgCredit scheduled a photo shoot at the farm. What an honor to be included in their 100th Anniversary Annual Report. All other photos were taken with my iPhone.

Had to give some love to Red. She was one sweetheart of a pig and we miss her!