Jams and Jellies

Have you tried any of the jams or jellies from Morning Harvest farm? If you haven't, you're missing out.

Paula has crafted such a variety! Sure there are classic flavors like blueberry, but she also lets her imagination take over, creating flavors like Sand Plum, Gingered Pear (my personal favorite), and spiced apple cranberry.

Paula is always looking to provide the highest quality products to her customers, especially the members of the CSA. Many of her jams and jellies are sweetened with honey instead of sugar, and when she does use sugar, it's not the usual GMO-laced processed white sugar in most store-bought jelly — and certainly not corn syrup! She has also been adjusting her recipes to eliminate added pectin.


I can't get over the variety Paula provides! Not only has she come up with many flavors, but the textures vary too. From the occasional syrup, to the typical "spreadable" jam texture above, to the chunky preserves below, these colorful jars are never boring.


What is the best or most unique jam/jelly you've ever tasted?

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