Nacho Usual Kale Dish

Kale is quite possibly my favorite vegetable, which is great because I receive plenty as a part of my CSA share, but I know many people don't share my high opinion of this hearty leafy green. This recipe is for those who would rather hide their greens than feature them.

The basic concept: serve the kale with a variety of textures and flavors and you'll hardly notice it.

Start by rinsing the leaves and tearing them into bite-sized pieces, discarding the stems (or saving them for broth!). Add chunks of cheese and cook over medium heat, stirring periodically, until leaves are wilted and cheese is thoroughly melted. I used pepper jack here. The pan is greasy from the steak my husband had prepared.


While the cheese mixture is cooking, prepare the plates. Layer chips with a protein source or two. I used pieces of steak and quinoa cooked in broth, but you could also use ground beef, chicken, or beans and rice. You could also add avocado and salsa, if you are so inclined.


Pour the melted cheese mixture over everything and serve immediately. Keep in mind that since this isn't fake cheese, it won't stay liquid as it cools, but will be similar to the consistency of cheese on a pizza. 


What is your favorite way to eat kale?

Do you prefer to showcase or hide it?