Pumpkin Pancakes

The CSA boxes have been packed with various winter squashes these past few weeks and I love it! They look lovely on my table and they taste like autumn.

You can use almost any winter squash exactly like you would use pumpkin — use cooked, pureed squash in place of canned pumpkin in the usual recipes like pies and quick breads.  Or add it to pancakes.

You can usually get away with using applesauce or squash puree in place of part or all of the oil in baking recipes like pancakes or quick breads. Using butternut squash in place of the oil in this blender-batter pancake and waffle recipe results in a lovely orange tint. You could also add cinnamon, pumpkin pie spices, and/or molasses for even more fall flavor.

They are ready to flip when the bubbles start popping around the edges. The pancakes may tend toward burning because of the "sugars" from the sweet squash (and molasses, if you've included that). If they are turning out too dark for you, simply turn down the heat abit. Cooking them slowly will keep them light in color.

You could serve these like any other pancakes with butter and maple syrup, but why not make them extra special with some homemade cream cheese or greek yogurt and Gingered Pear Jam

What is your favorite pumpkin/winter squash recipe?

Bonus points if you share a link to the recipe in the comment section!