An Easy Artisan Sandwich

Sometimes when I open up my CSA share I know immediately what meal I want to make. Yesterday was one of those times. The smell of roasted garlic sourdough greeted me and when I uncovered the watercress and radishes I knew what the dinner menu would be: artisan sandwiches.


This meal felt like cheating; it was so easy yet tasted like it came from a fancy restaurant. I started by buttering sourdough slices and putting them butter-side down in a warm cast-iron skillet, then quickly added thick slices of mozzarella cheese. If the burner is too hot the bread will burn before the cheese melts, so keep the temperature on the low end. Putting a lid on for a minute might have helped the cheese to melt a bit more quickly, but was in no rush since I was also waiting for the chicken to cook. My patience paid off and I had perfectly toasted bread once the cheese melted.

Leftover chicken would have worked just as well, but we didn't have any so my husband cooked some up while I prepared the other elements of the meal. Even if we had used left-overs I would have warmed them up. This chilly autumn weather calls for warm sandwiches!

I absolutely love adding fresh, crisp ingredients to sandwiches. Even a basic cheddar grilled cheese benefits from some green onions or avocado. While waiting for the cheese to melt I sliced radishes and prepared watercress so I could assemble the sandwiches quickly and serve them warm.

I wish I could accurately describe the incredible blend of textures and flavors in this sandwich. Instead I will simply encourage you to try it yourself!

The possible combinations are virtually endless when you consider the various cheeses, breads, meats, and vegetables available. I love that while the contents of my CSA share on any given week limits my choices, those constraints result in amazing meals like this one that I may not have considered otherwise. 

What is your favorite sandwich fixing?

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