Fruity Fennel Smoothie

When I used to grow fennel in my garden I never had to come up with recipes to use it—my younger brothers loved to snack on it so much that none survived long enough to make it into the kitchen! Often recipes call for the bulb of this licorice-flavored herb, but I find the fronds just as usable. Today I replaced the greens in my smoothie with them.

Fennel can be fibrous so I chopped the fronds into about 3-inch pieces before putting the into the blender. I pureed them with some water to make sure the greens were completely liquified before adding any other ingredients, then threw in a quarter of an avocado, a banana, frozen peaches, and frozen mango.


Sometimes I hide the fact that my smoothies are full of greens by using bright red and purple ingredients, like in this Chocolate Cherry Milkshake. This time, though, I celebrated it by using only green or yellow ingredients.

How do you like to eat (or drink) fennel?

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