Sometimes Simple is Best

"Who made this salad?? It's amazing!"

I didn't expect my four-ingredient no-dressing salad to elicit that sort of response at the potluck. I had thrown it together moments before heading out the door and not long before that I wasn't sure I had anything to contribute. My husband suggested using the lettuce and mizuna greens we had received in our CSA box that morning to make a salad, but I didn't really have any other salad vegetables. We did have some blueberries in the freezer (also from the CSA) and slivered almonds though, so I was able to throw together something simple.


It's so easy—especially during this holiday season—to get caught up in the pressure to make things unnecessarily complicated. Sometimes I feel like if I haven't spent hours on a dish (or decorations, etc) it won't adequately express the love I have for the friends and family I share it with, and while there's a time for devoting the time to craft something special, other times would be better spent with people. I'll admit I was tempted to skip the potluck altogether. Too tired to come up with anything more than this "meager" offering, we offered what we could and I'm glad we did.

This potluck turned out to be one of those times that quick and simple turned out to be perfect.

Now, having such high quality ingredients as Morning Harvest supplies even the simplest dishes are special, so maybe I'm cheating a little bit! ;)

What do you make when you need something quick and simple that's sure to please?

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