Perfectly Imperfect

One of my favorite things about farm-fresh food is its personality. Every vegetable is different, the bread is clearly shaped by hand, and the eggs vary slightly in shape and size.

Our culture relies on artificial colors and flavors to guarantee that every package of food is exactly the same as the last one you opened, which makes it easy to assume that imperfections equal lower quality. But that isn’t true — often it’s the opposite! 

The eggs from free-range chickens won’t have the consistently pale yellow yolk of supermarket eggs. Instead, the color will be some deep shade of gold. The vegetables harvested within a few days of eating may not look exactly alike, but they also don’t lose their flavor as they go through packing, sorting, and shipping processes. Hand-crafted sourdough bread rises in response to the temperatures and natural yeasts that happen to surround it on the day it's made instead of relying on packaged yeasts and refined flours that result in reliable, but lifeless, loaves.


The final product may be unpredictable in many ways, but I can predict one thing with certainty: the food I receive in my CSA box each week will be phenomenal in its uniqueness.

Tell us about the most unique farm-fresh product you’ve enjoyed.

How did the quality compare to the average store-bought equivalent?