Summer Snacking

With summer come and the kids home from school, everyone is probably keeping a few more snacks around the house. Imagine how nice it would be if someone delivered you a cool, healthy snack that can be mixed with almost anything, eaten raw or cooked, and is loved by kids. If you're in the CSA, you don't need to imagine it because the blueberries are here!

Berries are one of the healthiest foods on the planet. Rich in nutrition and flavor, they are filling and guiltless for everyone. They aren't just good eats, they actually help shield your cells and prevent harm. 


Morning Harvest farm sells blueberries from Chautauqua hills farm at the farmers market during their peak season, and CSA members receive a generous gallon of berries the first week they are available! They came at the perfect time for me – morning sickness had set in and I didn't want to eat much of anything. Yogurt and fresh blueberries changed that. This became my go-to breakfast and a few berries here and there made for a perfect snack. Soon I was able to eat a heartier breakfast, adding french toast casserole to the bowl of yogurt and berries. (Incidentally, I discovered another great thing about that recipe – I could make it even when the nausea made it hard to stay in the kitchen. I never would have been able to stomach standing over the stove making normal french toast.)


These blueberries have been a reminder that eating healthy doesn't have to be complicated. Simply keeping good, fresh food available for snacking instead of processed junk food can make a big difference in a person's health. For the first week, I snacked on fresh blueberries straight from the fridge. Then I froze what was left. I'm not sure which is more refreshing on a hot summer day – fresh or frozen berries – but I know that either one is dramatically better than, say, a cold soda.

What is your go-to (healthy) summertime snack?

Share your suggestions in the comment section below!