Easy Whole Grain Gluten-Free Blueberry Pancakes!

In last week's blog post I mentioned making pancakes to serve with the sand plum syrup I'd received in my CSA box. This week I'm sharing the recipe with you, as well as my method for adding blueberries (also a feature of the CSA).

My favorite pancake/waffle recipe comes from Sue Gregg's cookbooks and is also available for free in this document, starting on page 4. Sue's "Blender Batter" method means that I can use whole grains (not flour) without worrying about a grain mill. I love using whole, hulled buckwheat (pictured below) as it makes for a light yet hearty pancake or waffle. 

When it was discovered that some of my family members were gluten intolerant, we started making waffles and pancakes with buckwheat, oats, rice, millet, or some combination of these alternative grains almost every day as a substitute for bread. Mom served them for lunch as sandwiches with peanut butter and jelly and these sandwiches proved to be great lunchbox foods.


When we were eating at home, though, we would make special pancakes like these blueberry ones. Mom taught me to keep the blueberries — fresh or frozen — separate, not mixed into the batter. After pouring the batter into the pan, she would drop the berries in one at a time. This way, she could spread them out evenly, control the amount of blueberries in each pancake, and not worry about them sinking to the bottom of the batter in-between pancakes. It also provides the opportunity to have some fun like in the picture above This works particularly well with the Blender Batter recipe, because while it's convenient and easy to pour the batter out of the blender into the pan, it's hard to "gently fold in" blueberries using a blender!

These pancakes are delicious served the classic way with butter and maple syrup, but I also serve them with honey or jam from the CSA box, nut butter or cream cheese for extra protein, or yogurt and fresh fruit to keep it light and energizing.

What is your favorite sort of pancake or waffle?

What are your favorite toppings?