Healthy Pizza — the quick and easy way

Sometimes, especially in the summer, I don't feel like cooking, but eating so much fresh food and cooking from scratch necessitates a lot of time in the kitchen. This recipe is a quick way to have a familiar comfort food (pizza!) without spending hours making tomato sauce and pizza dough from scratch, yet still uses mostly fresh CSA ingredients! These pizzas can be made as an appetizer or a full meal, depending on the toppings used.

Start with a crust substitute: I love using small tortillas or slices of bread. Then add some sort of "sauce," in this case sliced tomatoes (pesto is another great option). Mozzarella cheese is what makes this really feel like a pizza, shredded or sliced. Finally, add toppings and seasonings. I used fresh chopped basil and dried oregano. Any pizza topping works here too — onions, bell pepper, meat (left-overs work great!), etc.

The all-fresh-ingredients version that I put together here was so quick and easy. I layered slices of mozzarella over fresh tomatoes and chopped basil on top of a taco-sized tortilla crust. It took about 15 minutes in a 350F oven to melt and brown the cheese and meld the flavors — I recommend checking on them every 5 minutes to achieve your desired "done-ness."

Cut them up with kitchen shears and you have a wonderful appetizer! 


To make this a filling meal, I broke up left-over hamburgers and served each person two personal-sized pizzas. Chicken would also make a fine addition, especially paired with pesto instead of tomatoes.


What's your favorite pizza topping?

Bonus points if it's something you can find in your CSA box or at a farmers market!