Kale — Love it or Hate it?

Kale seems to be rather polarizing. I love it, but so many see it as the quintessential nasty health food. Whenever someone says they hate kale I wonder to myself how they’ve tried it. Sure, nibbled raw straight from the stem it is tough and doesn’t have a particularly pleasant flavor, but that’s far from being the only way to eat it!

Those who see it as the quintessential health food get one thing right: it is one of the most nutrient-dense foods on the planet! Kale is high in omega-3 fatty acids, various nutrients that the body needs small amounts of, as well as vitamins A, C, and K.

I have learned to love kale in almost any form, so I often sauté or steam it on its own as a side. However, before I was open to that idea I focused on finding for subtle ways to introduce kale into my diet.


I have learned that if chopped fine, kale is easy to “hide” in other dishes, raw or cooked. Pesto and smoothies are extreme examples: in these cases the kale is pulverized in the blender! If you mix kale into a guacamole with avocado chunks in a blender, it bulks out and nutrifies your blend without giving away your secret ingredient.

A tip for including kale in a salad: tenderize the leaves by tossing them in avocado oil, olive oil, or lemon juice at least an hour before serving. Avocado oil is my favorite–something about the interaction softens kale thoroughly.

Note that consuming an abundance of raw kale can be problematic, especially for those who have thyroid problems. Cooked it is much easier for the body to assimilate.


A while back I shared a recipe specifically designed for those who would rather hide the kale than feature it. These nachos demonstrate how emphasizing other textures and flavors provides a great way to slip kale into cooked dishes.

Try simmering it in spaghetti sauce or add a handful to your next stir fry. But before you do…

Tell us, what do you think of kale? Love it or hate it?

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