If You Think You Don't Like Beets...

…try this recipe!

My grandma said she would try a bite of this dish but would promise no more. She didn’t like beets and didn’t think I could change her mind.

The next day at church she was telling everyone that if they hadn’t tried beets prepared like her granddaughter made them they couldn’t say they didn’t like beets.


What are my secrets?

  1. saute the beets in butter with flavorful seasonings

  2. choose golden beets over the usual purple variety

I have found that turmeric and thyme pair beautifully with golden beets. Unfortunately the golden turmeric turns purple beets an unappetizing brown so if I make this dish with “normal” beets I omit the turmeric.


I begin by trimming the top and bottom off of the beets (see picture above) so as to remove the tough and stringy bits. I usually don’t peel them when they come from a good, fresh, organic source like the CSA.

Next I chop the beets along with some carrots into bite-sized pieces. I use about one beet and two or three carrots for each person I want to serve. I saute all of this in a generous amount of butter, adding salt, thyme, and turmeric to taste. It is ready to serve when fork-tender.


I serve this as a side dish, but it also makes a wonderful lunch paired with rice or quinoa cooked in a rich broth.

Have you tried golden beets before?

Tell us about it in the comment section below!