A Moment of Appreciation

The last CSA box of the year is an opportunity to remember. Now you must regear for shopping trips, plan out your kitchen actions differently, and keep closer to home.

More importantly, it is a good time to be grateful, and remember what this experiment—this agreement—has done and meant. Yes, I am thrilled to have had it and look forward to the next year’s changes and adaptations with all the stable chaos of a real farm and a real supplier who isn’t afraid of being known by her customers... but it does not mean as much if I keep it to myself.

Without growth, eventually Paula’s herculean effort will peter out—it can’t be easy, after all! Without speaking, my joy and appreciation cannot be multiplied. I lose nothing by saying thank you to Paula, and to each of you other CSA members. We each play a part in making this possible. It has not happened by accident, and it has been wonderful.


There is a gap now, where my box used to sit each week along the wall—if you haven't returned yours yet, the next indoor market on January 12th is a great opportunity. There is a consideration and a thought in my heart as I look back, take the time to recount the year and gaze at the calendar of next year. Is not each meal a gift, an experience now that I am connected to so many through this strange tie, a small community within Wichita?

I remember, and I smile. Winter is a time of low productivity for the Earth. Still, we gather ourselves with the hopes and expectations of Spring, resting and recovering and taking stock. Was this CSA, this decision, this real and living network worthwhile? Is it something you’d do again? Will you support it by telling someone about it? Let us know here!

Thanksgiving may have been a while ago, but I choose to say thanks now. How will my world or this way we are participating in right now improve if I stay silent? Silence is the death-sleep of Winter, while a voice is the herald of Spring. I invite you to shed Spring’s light over our growing community now.

Is there any feedback you have on the CSA box, or a word of joy, a story, an observation you can share about your time this year?

Leave a comment below!