Purple and Orange Pizza

Mizuna is one of my favorite leafy greens and I doubt I would have ever tried it had it not come into my kitchen via CSA box! The stems are neither tough nor stringy so the long narrow leaves make for great additions to salads and sandwiches. It is more flavorful than lettuce, but doesn’t bite like watercress. Check out the writeup on various greens here.

This month the CSA box contained a special surprise: purple mizuna! I decided that this called for an extra measure of creativity.


To feature the lovely purple color I gave it an orange backdrop: colby jack cheese. This plus turkey leftovers from Thanksgiving and some Chile Slingers Habanero BBQ sauce made for a fun and flavorful pizza. I used this gluten-free, yeast-free recipe for the crust.


The pizza was perfect. A slight kick in the sauce kept the crust from taking over the mild blend of subtle toppings, and the gooey sunshine of the cheese really made the deep purple leaves look exotic and special.

So often when I am writing about the CSA I try to focus on just the ingredients in the box, but there is a whole world of ingredients to add them to once the box is unpacked. Special things almost always require some planning, especially in the kitchen, so this is a rare treat to get to write about for you all. While everywhere else I shop I have to check labels and weigh risks, it’s a blessing to have so much trustworthy quality delivered special for me in the box.

What are some of your favorite special things to cook with? What’s your favorite thing to find in your box? Leave a comment below to share with us.