Farm-fed Family

My little girl has grown up on food from Morning Harvest farm. Our family joined the CSA right before I became pregnant and during that phase I was especially grateful for the wonderful meats and eggs in our box each week. Now that she is almost a year old, my girl gets to experience all this wonderful food for herself!

When she started teething, raw cucumbers and carrots became favorites for gnawing. Now that her teeth have come through I have to watch carefully that she doesn’t bite off chunks large enough to choke on, so we shifted to softer foods like cooked sweet potato.

I aim to provide foods that are soft enough to gum safely, but solid enough for her to pick up herself. This way she can choose how much to eat according to her appetite. This method of introducing food is known as “baby-led weaning” and (among other things) encourages children to see food as nourishment and helps keep them from the pitfall of overeating simply because food is offered.


The CSA has helped me to be creative with what I serve to my little one. Instead of defaulting to obvious first foods like sugary bananas, I instead have a variety of brightly-colored produce and nutritive broth at my fingertips. One of my girl’s favorite foods is rice cooked in chicken broth, something I may not have thought to offer except that I wanted to share the wonderful stuff I was eating with her.

Having a box full to overflowing with farm-fresh foods has helped every member of our family to make healthy decisions about what we put in our mouths, and has inspired us to get creative and try things we would not have otherwise.

What new healthy food you have tried this year?

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