Are you a satisfied CSA member?

The new year is in full spring, though it already feels like Summer! It is exciting to be writing for you all again this year, but I decided to share this piece which I received from one of you instead of writing my own post to start with: I was so blessed to hear from someone as enthusiastic about Morning Harvest's work as I am!

The Morning Harvest CSA was my biggest experiment last year, and I’m thrilled at the results! I had never heard of a cooperative like this, and the more I looked into it, the better it seemed for everyone involved. Signing up for a weekly box felt risky: What if I didn’t like what I got? What if it wasn’t worth the money? What if I couldn’t make it to pick it up some week? I didn’t even really know what “seasonal produce” meant!

Subscribing to box saved me so much time shopping, and instead of deciding what to buy I got to look at what we had and spend my energy cooking instead. It was incredibly efficient, and the quality was incredible. I’ve never eaten so well, and I doubt I could find such a steady supply of incredible food if it wasn’t for Morning Harvest. Also, since the cost is the same each week, it was easy to budget for “groceries” too! I’m thrilled Paula is running it again this year—I’ve told several of my friends about it.

If you are looking for a source of high-quality food, this is an awesome deal. It might seem scary or strange but that feeling evaporated quickly once I saw how it worked and adjusted to the regular pickup. There are different levels and packages to pick from, so there’s a bit of customization for your family size and needs. For the whole package service, I don’t know that you can find a better deal for your money in Wichita. Paula even heard me out when I had a temporary dietary issue and helped adjust my box for it! She’s an awesome woman and I’m so happy to have this opportunity for a one-stop shop of great food made quick and easy for me.
— Paul, A Satisfied CSA Member

For my part, my favorite part about being a CSA member is being able to forget about making a grocery list—my weekly groceries are planned for me!

What are your favorite parts about being a CSA member?

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