A Well-Balanced Meal

It's so easy for me to ooh and aah over the ingredients in the box; I like to pick one and focus in on it, maximizing it or doing something to really show off the greatness of a particular piece. Sometimes a whole meal that sits well together is better though—especially when it falls together quickly.

Hungry from a long day, I took a parted-out chicken out of the refrigerator where it'd been thawing and dropped it with its juices into a pot with some water, a splash of white wine vinegar, and some olive oil. While it simmered away, I started rice off to the side, and took a haphazard bundle of greens to wash and chop: A whole bundle of green onions for a zippy, fresh taste, kale for the rich green nutrition, and some lettuce too. These went into a pan with more oil, pepper, and cumin for a smooth flavor blend that stayed light on the tongue. With some stirring and tending the three parts of the meal finished at almost the same time.


My husband added mustard to his greens (of course), and I pulled out some sauerkraut made from red cabbage to add alongside. The simple, hearty chicken went wonderfully with the zesty greens, which I added Italian cheese and cayenne pepper to right before serving.


With the balance of elements in the box each week, it's not hard to cook a (nearly) full meal without adding anything else in. Knowing that the CSA share really can be a "one-stop shop" for a family provides a wonderful sense of peace. Still, I had gotten into a habit of focusing on the individual superstars which caught my imagination that I had missed the simplicity of a whole meal presented and balanced together in its elements with minimal effort from me.


Have you ever pulled a whole meal straight from the box? Comment and tell us about it!