Mustard — Love it or Hate it?

I am not a fan of mustard. I don't know exactly what it is about it, but no matter what it's paired with I can't stand the flavor. My husband, on the other hand, loves the stuff: Meat of all kinds, sauteed greens, bread (even without other sandwich fixings)... There is nothing safe or sacred from the yellowy wand he waves over his food. He even used the jalapeño mustard from our CSA share to make an anime-esque accent to his plate of ninja bread crackers.


My husband has learned, of course, not to cook with it, or I thought he had until he found this condiment in our CSA box.

The condiments are new this year and boy are they an exciting addition—I love how they include all sorts of different things and from some of the other booths at the Farmer's Market too! Honestly, last year the honey and jellies were good, but Paula has really kicked it up a notch by expanding.

My husband immediately opened the bottle, excitedly cooked dinner with it, and made puppy dog eyes at me when I fussed, saying "Just give it a shot!" Well, in the end it is still mustard and I do not care for it, but it has a zesty, full-bodied pep that lights my husband's world up. While he does enjoy all kinds of sauces, to see him eagerly using this one all over is a high compliment and I am thrilled that he likes it so much that he's pitching in more in the kitchen.

His renewed excitement is more than just a practical joy to me, though. He reminds me of the reasons I signed up for the CSA. Food is fun and exciting, and sharing food with people close to you is matched by knowing where it comes from and just how excellent and awesome it is for you body and soul.

While the taste of mustard might irritate my senses, the laughter and life of this simple condiment has reminded me how wonderful and sweet it is to have the wonderful opportunity to be a part of Community Supported Agriculture.

What is your favorite condiment?

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