A Simple Tender Chickenizer

I have a secret.

I am bad at cooking meat.

Ok, maybe not bad in the sense that I burn it or make people sick, but I get anxious and finicky and fret over it until it takes twice as long to prepare. My husband is great with meats of all kinds, but I have been looking to shore up in my skill set so I don't always have to rely on him. Fortunately we have made a discovery: a method that produces delicious, tender chicken without even the option to fuss over it. Seriously, it falls right off the bone!


I tried to serve my husband a leg. As I attempted to pull it off the bone slipped out, leaving the meat effortlessly boneless.

This recipe inspired the first great success, but we soon discovered that the key is simply one ingredient: milk.


That's it. Simply pouring milk over a whole chicken tenderizes it and helps it cook thoroughly without getting dry, even when overcooked. (Ask me how I know...)

Browning the chicken in oil and adding lemon juice or zest makes for a most flavorful sauce. The lemon curdles the milk and makes for a cheese-like texture as you can see on the asparagus above. Adding spices like cinnamon or cardamom lend an even more exotic taste that does not require fancy techniques or obscure ingredients.


I love the chicken broth I can make after roasting a whole chicken but I hate the greasy process of removing the meat from the carcass. This method lets me do so in a fraction of the time it takes otherwise since it's so easy to remove the meat from the bones. Then just throw in the scraps from whatever side vegetable I sautéed and the broth practically makes itself!

What's your favorite way to cook a whole chicken?

Let me know in the comments below!