Summer Snacks

As the first tastes of Fall kiss the city, I have been reflecting on Summer. Summertime is a time to move and work hard, and each season has its natural bent: Fall for gathering with others, Winter for huddling inside and staying warm, Spring for cleaning inside and out.

Summertime is hot, and you move or you stagnate and bake. Go swimming, work hard, fill your nose with the smell of cut grass. Open your windows when the evening cool hits and take care of business the rest of the day. Take action or be miserable in the Summer, and the food both agrees and helps us out!


From watermelon to tomatoes and cucumbers, the box has been chock full of easy snacks to slice and serve over this Summer. They clean and pop onto plate, table, or ready hands so fast it's easy to go through the season having to plan meals more deliberately since so much of the produce is so quick to disappear.


It is a nice reminder that the world is wider than my little corner of it. I am a part of a larger cycle of seasons, and it feels good to be reminded of that by my food. Snack platters disappear quickly and can serve as a great, easy lunch on a busy Saturday when everyone's on the move--especially with the grapes that have been coming. They aren't "table grapes" like you might be used to, but the grape seeds are extremely healthy so enjoy the crunch instead of trying to fish them out. My platter featured the excellent hummus at the center from Wheat State Foods (which we get about once a month as a part of the CSA box), but check out the amazing sausage also available at Paula's stand too!


Of course, my favorite Summer snack is the stripey green watermelon.

What are your favorite Summer snacks?