Fill your freezer with quality meat.

100% grass-fed; pastured year-round

Half Cow: 5 cu. ft.  /  Whole Cow: 10 cu. ft.  /  Milk Crate: 1 cu. ft.
Weights and percentages are guidelines only and vary based on
actual hanging weight and your preferred cutting order.


$4.02/lb. hanging wt
$.74/lb. processing
Ave. yield: 110 lbs.
Ave. total: $532.40*
Ave. $/lb: $4.84
Deposit: $150

$4.02/lb. hanging wt
$.72/lb. processing
Ave. yield: 225 lbs.
Ave. total: $1050.75*
Ave. $/lb: $4.67
Deposit: $300

* Other Fees
MHf -- tax
Krehbiel's -- tax and packaging for all cuts of meat
(these will be added to the final invoice from each business)


Ave. Yield Per Whole
  3% Bones: Soup
  1% Bones: Marrow
40% Ground
  4% Short Ribs
21% Roasts
18% Steaks
14% Extra Cuts

meat and scraps after cutting

Extra Cuts
patties (3 or 4/lb.), kabobs, sausages, stew meat
[all options will reduce or void certain cuts listed at top]

fat for tallow, mtn oysters, organs [heart, kidney, liver]


1. Deposit
To reserve your meat, select the option below.

2. Hanging Weight
After slaughter --
An invoice will be emailed from the farm. Please drop a check in the mail.

3. Cutting Order
After slaughter --
Krehbiel's will be waiting for a cutting order. Please call them that same day.

4. Pick Up
In about a month, Krehbiel's will email an invoice for the processing. Please drive to McPherson, submit payment and collect your order.


Krehbiel's Specialty Meats
1636 Mohawk Road
McPherson KS 67460
(620) 241-0103


Conventional form of nitrites, nitrates.

Natural Cure
Natural form of nitrites & nitrates using celery juice powder.

If you opt for the natural cure for nitrates and nitrites, be sure to point this out when placing your cutting order with Krehbiel's.

Half or Whole? Which is the better deal?

You may have already noticed, but the hanging weight is the same price/lb.;
however, the meat locker does charge differently for half and whole.

Half: Beef

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Dec 26, 2018

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Whole: Beef

Deposit for Whole Beef

Dec 26, 2018

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