Fill your freezer with quality meat.

pastured year-round + organic feed using peas, flax meal, & flax oil in place of soy

Half Hog: 3 cu. ft.  /  Whole Hog: 6 cu. ft.  /  Milk Crate: 1 cu. ft.


Half Hog
$2.95/lb. hanging wt
$150 processing
Ave. yield: 85 lbs.
Ave. total $: $400*
Ave. $/lb: $4.71
Deposit: $75

Whole Hog
$2.95/lb. hanging wt
$300 processing
Ave. yield: 170 lbs.
Ave. total $: $802*
Ave. $/lb: $4.71
Deposit: $150

* Other Fees
MHf -- tax
Krehbiel's -- tax and packaging for all cuts of meat
(both additional fees will be included in the final invoices from each business)


Ave. Yield: Whole
10% Bacon + Ends
  3% Bones: Neck*
25% Ham Roasts
  4% Hocks
20% Pork Chops
  5% Spare Ribs
25% Shoulder Roast
25% Loin Roast
  5% Pork Steaks
  2% Tenderloin

Ground & Sausage
Ground: from excess meat, cutting scraps
Sausage: a variety of flavors; bulk or links [will void some cuts]

fat, bones for stock**,
heart, liver, fries

* neck = soup bones
** stock = carcass bones


1. Deposit
Select one of the options below.

2. Hanging Weight
After slaughter --
An invoice will be emailed from the farm. Please drop a check in the mail.

3. Cutting Order
After slaughter --
Krehbiel's will be waiting for a cutting order. Please call them the same day.

4. Pick Up
In about a month, Krehbiel's will email an invoice for the processing. Please drive to McPherson, submit payment and collect your order.


Krehbiel's Specialty Meats, Inc.
1636 Mohawk Road
McPherson, 67460
(620) 241-0103


Chemical form of nitrites and nitrates.
[FDA terminology]

Natural form of nitrites and nitrates.
[FDA terminology]

When placing your cutting order with Krehbiel's, specify Uncured if you want natural-cured ham, bacon, hocks, etc.

Half or Whole? Which is the better deal?

You may have already noticed, but the price/lb. is the same for hanging weight.
They are listed separately to provide a clear understanding of your investment.

For ease of tracking inventory, Half Hog is the only option.
If you want a whole hog, simply change the quantity to 2.

Half: Pork

Deposit for Sept 7, 2017

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