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The most-commonly asked questions have been compiled and divided into categories.

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Designed to feed 1 adult + 1 toddler


Designed to feed 2 adults + 2 tweens


Adding condiments and bread will stretch it further.







April 1 - November 30

Wednesday: Horn's Auto Repair, 402 NE 60th St, 5 - 5:30 pm

Wednesday: farmers market @ Whole Foods, 13th & Webb, 3 - 6 pm*
Saturday: farmers market @ SG Cty Extension Office, 21st & Ridge, 7 am - 12 pm**

* Deliveries for the month of November will be available from 4 - 4:30 pm
** Deliveries for the month of November will be available in the Zoo parking lot, 10 - 10:30 am.



Being a local producer, we can't help but have a soft heart toward other local producers. There's a lot of hard work in these products! The quality and flavor prove it. Be sure to touch base with these companies and let them know how much you appreciate their efforts.


Each partner was hand-picked because they are a KS company, and for their quality & attention to making a great product. Every one of these companies can be found at the farmers market in Wichita.
NOTE: While Olio's is not a KS company, they are KS owned & we couldn't resist.

Prices & payment

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A one-time fee of $100 is necessary to reserve your share.


+Condiments & Bread

Half  $71
Half  $79
Half  $86

Full  $111
Full  $127
Full  $141


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Available on the website only.
Handled by credit card through recurring invoices emailed either Monday or Tuesday with payment due upon receipt. Cash or check is also accepted at pick up.

vacation, out of town, sharing



Schedule two weeks off at your convenience. Pay that current week's invoice as no invoices will be emailed the final two weeks of December. One week's notice is appreciated.

Have you already taken your two weeks off, but need to head out of town for work or family matters? No worries. There are several ways handle it.

  • Ask a friend to pick up

  • Sell It -- maybe a family member or neighbor would really enjoy the box of food

  • Donate It -- we'll deliver it through Peace Connections in Newton

  • Hold It -- we'll store what we can and deliver a bulk order when you return

Emergencies happen, but let us know as soon as possible.

drench your diet with farm-fresh food!
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To eat is a necessity; but to eat intelligently is an art.

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