Community Supported Agriculture

Maybe you're interested in joining a CSA, but need more details before you jump in.

For more than two decades, Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)
has been a popular way of connecting consumers directly to producers for local & seasonal food.

A number of "shares" is offered to the public through our website.
Interested parties purchase a share and, in turn, receive a box (bag, basket, etc.) of food items.
Boxes are received once a week throughout the farming season, as specified below.

We're excited to partner with local talent & provide a well-rounded diet in each weekly box.

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April - December
38 deliveries

Save Time
Grab-and-go delivery. Virtually one-stop shopping. 

Save Budget
Same payment. Every time. You can depend on it.

Save Health
Clean food for fewer illnesses and maybe fewer medical bills.

Save Sanity
Shorter grocery list.
Use the <15 lane!

Save Food
We offer recipes & storage tips to help minimize waste.

Got Teen-Agers?
Order as many boxes as you need. Price per box as stated.


From Our Farm
all-grass beef
pastured pork
pastured poultry
free-range eggs
freshwater fish
seasonal produce
wild fruit jam/jelly
artisan body soap

From Our Partners
artisan bread
seasonal produce
raw honey

Partners are chosen for their unique product and must share the same high standards in their business practices to maintain a quality end product.

Locavore Love shows a photo of  affiliate products. Hover each to learn producer's name and location.


Half, $56
Meat: 3-4 lbs.
Eggs: 1 dozen
Produce: 3-4 varieties
Monthly: 1 bar soap
Seasonal: 1 ham*,
1 gallon blueberries

Half+, $70
Contents of Half
Grain: 1 loaf
Honey: 1 12-oz.**
Jam/Jelly: 1 8-oz.**

Full, $90
Meat: 6-8 lbs.
Eggs: 1 dozen
Produce: 6-8 varieties
Monthly: 2 bars soap
Seasonal: 2 hams*,
1 gallon blueberries

Full+, $108
Contents of Full
Grain: 2 loaves
Honey: 1 12-oz.**
Jam/Jelly: 1 8-oz.**

and/or Christmas
** alternates weekly


Weekly Drops
Newton --
Sat: 8 - 11a

Wichita --
Mid: Sat, 7a - 12p
West: Sat, 7a - 12p
Find locations.


Sign Up
$50 - Half, Half+
$75 - Full, Full+
One-time fee covers insulated box, plus weekly admin, packing, delivery.
Terms: paid in full

$56 - Half
$70 - Half+
$90 - Full
$108 - Full+
Covers the food.
Terms: pledged by recurring credit card auto bill - established after share is reserved

Still have questions? Need more info? Check out the FAQ's.

Feed your clan for less than $500 a month!

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People who love to eat are always the best people.

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