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After our family made the switch to a farm-fresh diet, the first thing we noticed is that we're not bloated after eating. In fact, we can stuff ourselves full and still have no bloat! Why? Because it's real food - plain and simple.

Time and time again customers share personal stories of healing by changing their diet - whether it be digestive issues, skin conditions or chronic ailments. Are we suggesting that food can be used as medicine? YES! Knowing that so many depend on us for clean food, how could we farm any differently? 

Operating as naturally as possible, let us be your trusted source for clean food.

Take your time browsing & learn more about each facet of the farm. Got questions? Call or shoot an email. Paula loves to chat!

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Local food from local producers: all-grass beef, pastured pork, pastured chicken, freshwater fish, free-range eggs, seasonal produce, artisan bread, raw honey, fruit preserves, blueberries.

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Two local farmers

One day a farmer married a gal from the city. They brought in animals and planted a large garden with hopes of raising as much of their own food as possible.

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